Friday, March 19, 2021

Lesbian Couple Attacked, Lil Nas X, Sitcom Tropes, Mary Trump, Kinsey Scale, Asian LGBTQ Films, Demi Lovato & MORE!

HIV Has Shaken the World for 40 years, it's Also Produced Some Incredible Art -10 Acclaimed HIV Films to Watch

Addressing the Reality of Funding Discrimination Against LGBTQ Entrepreneurs There is still significant pushback against the normalization of the LGBTQ community.

Lesbian Couple Attacked by Trio of Assailants in Supermarket, Take Shelter in Security Office

Out Rapper Lil Nas X Tells Fans to Stop Pitting Him Against Harry Styles

President Biden Reaches 100 Million Vaccine Shot Promise In 58 Days

Five 1990s Sitcom Tropes That Have Aged Well (And 5 That Haven't) Adult sitcoms of the '90s made a bad habit of fearing or shaming gay individuals. Family shows were generally devoid of any openly gay characters, which also might make a statement. On a show like Frasier, humor would sometimes be drawn from interactions with gay characters, and Frasier even takes advantage of a gay man's connections by letting the man think he is gay, too. Gay characters truly were not treated with the same respect or dignity main characters usually were. Both a lack of representation and poor representation are big problems on shows of the time.

Here's a Look at LGBTQ Milestones in the United States

Fancy Hagood’s ‘Southern Curiosity’ Introduces the Out Singer and His Debut Album [LISTEN]

Will Andrew Cuomo's Recent Scandals Make the Case for NYC's First Female Mayor? There are several qualified women in the race for the coveted government position.

Is the Kinsey Scale of Sexual Behavior Still Valid? The decades-old classification system for the study of sex may still have value, but new frameworks offer more.

How Demi Lovato's 'Dancing With the Devil' Documentary Sheds an Unrealistic 'Role Model' Label & Uncovers the Truth

Queerbaiting: Our Life Is Not Yours to Profit From

Asian LGBTQ Films and Series That Should Be on Your Radar

Mary Trump Has a New Political Job Helping LGBTQ Candidates Get Elected

ICYMI - Why Do We Have Political Parties?
Danielle looks at the emergence of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans shortly after the United States was founded and how these early parties evolved into the Two-Party System of the Democratic and Republican parties we know today.


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