Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Before They Were Stars

Charlize Theron (1994) This photo was snapped right before Theron's filmic debut in Children of the Corn III (uncredited), and nine years before her Oscar-winning role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster.

Tyra Banks (1995) Back then, TV's top model had only a few eps of Fresh Prince (she played an ex-girlfriend of Will's) under her diamond-studded couture belt.
George Clooney (1986) Still eight years away from breaking (and resuscitating) hearts as ER's Dr. Doug Ross, Clooney's a baby-faced vision in contrasting plaids.
Sarah Jessica Parker (1985) SJP rocked the big '80s hair and a bevy of tragic '80s leotards (not pictured) in 1985's Girls Just Want to Have Fun — a movie title Carrie Bradshaw could certainly get behind.
Sharon Stone (1980) This year this photo was taken, the actress who would later go commando in 1992's Basic Instinct played the integral role of ''pretty girl on train'' in Woody Allen's Stardust Memories.