Monday, November 03, 2008

How science is wrong on race

Dave Brody writes:
Science has a responsibility to reveal how the universe really is, whatever the consequences. We snicker now, in hindsight, at those who insisted that "the ether" must fill outer space. Now everyone knows it doesn’t exist. Neither does race. But the idea is seductive. In part 1 of this commentary, I noted that the rise of cheap computing power makes it possible to understand even large populations as individuals. We also saw — in this striking image of Barack Obama as he might appear had his genetic heritage been slightly different — that each of us is a unique tint in a continuum of color, not a member of a distinct race. Even albino people have varying amounts of skin pigment. Down at the cellular level, every one of us is a person of color: a "hue-man." Never more than right now have the bio-medical implications of racial heritage mattered so much. READ MORE

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