Monday, November 03, 2008

NEWS & POP CULTURE Ads Hijacked! Publisher Joe LaMuraglia explains:
I was just alerted by a friend of mine in CA that the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign in CA had somehow hijacked all the ad space on and the ads you see above were being trafficked all over the site for visitors from the state of CA. Upon learning the news, I took steps to block from advertising on As a small business owner, I do my best to remain neutral when it comes to politics. It just makes good business sense. While is an information site that encourages our users to spend their money with gay-friendly companies, it is not our mission to take sides or preach to our users. Consumers come to to read about cars and trucks, not to be bombarded with ads about politics. READ MORE

Next American president to influence courts for decades:
It has gained little attention in the presidential race, but whoever wins will have a profound influence on the nation’s judiciary from the Supreme Court to federal courts. With four of the nine Supreme Court justices in their 70s and one in his 80s, at least two - and possibly all four - are likely to retire during the next president’s first term. Whoever is appointed to the high court will tip the balance either further to the right, or create a liberal court. At stake could be Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion, and possibly a number of LGBT issues such as marriage and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” the ban on gays serving openly in the military. READ MORE

Barack Obama's beloved grandmother dies:
Barack Obama's grandmother, who raised him while his mother pursued a career in anthropology, has died at age 86, the Democratic presidential candidate and his half-sister announced. Just a week-and-a-half ago, Obama suspended his campaign for two days to travel to Hawaii to pay a final visit to the ailing Madelyn Dunham, whom he called Toot. "She has gone home," Obama, 47, said at a rain-soaked rally Monday on the eve of the election in Charlotte, N.C. "And she died peacefully in her sleep with my sister at her side and so there's great joy as well as tears. I'm not going to talk about it too often because it's hard to talk about." READ MORE

Police stymied in hunt for motive in slaying of elderly gay couple: (Indianapolis, Indiana) Nearly two weeks after the bodies of Milton Lindgren, 70, and Eric Hendricks, 73, were found in their home, police say they still have few clues and no idea of a motive. Investigators continue to decline to say how the elderly couple was killed or how long the bodies were in the house before being discovered. A police spokesperson would say only that the men died by “violent means.” Officers were sent to the home after friends notified police that the men had not been seen for some time. Friends of the couple say they believe the slayings were a hate crime. They say that the men had been previously targeted by vandals. Phone and cable lines cut twice in the past few months, the friends say. They also say that homophobic graffiti was found on their front door in the weeks prior to the killings. But investigators say they have found no evidence the killings are linked to the vandalism. They also say, however, there is no evidence the motive was robbery. Nothing appears to have been taken. Police say they are continuing to question neighbors and friends of the men. In particular they want to talk to one of those people who has not been found. He is identified as Michael Brown, 56. Police say Brown is believed to be driving a silver Dodge Avenger with an Indiana license plate.

  • Record number of LGBT candidates seek office
  • Anti-gay measures on ballot in four states
  • Same-sex marriages to begin Nov. 12 in Connecticut
  • Lesbian couple says landlord refused to rent to them
  • Poll: 81% of LGBT voters support Obama
  • David Beckham says he's honoured to be a gay icon
  • Mormon moms rally against Prop 8 in Salt Lake City
  • David Tennant: Billie Piper could be new Dr Who
  • I know a dozen gay footballers claims retired player
  • Remains match DNA of missing aviator Steve Fossett
  • Police sweep nets 70 gays in Malaysia
  • Sarah Palin gets punk’d
  • Genetic link between homosexuality and siblings' number of sexual partners: Study

  • Jim Carrey 'enjoys cross dressing': Jim Carrey's girlfriend Jenny McCarthy has disclosed that the comic actor enjoys dressing up in women's clothes. During beach party celebrations for American Independence Day on July 4, Carrey surprised guests when he turned up wearing McCarthy's black swimming costume. McCarthy revealed that Carrey made a habit of cross dressing, saying: "All I can say is that he's a great, great guy who sometimes likes to dabble in women's clothing." She added that the pair were content dating and had no plans to get married. "We are just happy as we are," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

    God, politics and the Kennedys:
    How does a modern liberal square their progressive social beliefs with being a member of the Roman Catholic church? After many years of wrestling with this paradox, Kerry Kennedy (pictured), daughter of the late US senator Bobby Kennedy, has found an accommodation. While British politicians "don't do God" as Tony Blair once memorably put it, in the United States politicians are expected to do God and to do it publicly. Religion is part of the jigsaw of political identity. Into the current presidential election, Kerry Kennedy, a human rights activist and daughter of Robert Kennedy, has published an account of how she combines her Catholicism with her progressive politics. "I don't see that there should be conflict between Catholicism and social justice," she says. READ MORE

    Whoa, Nelly! Furtado reveals secret wedding:
    Canadian songbird Nelly Furtado has divulged that she got hitched over the summer. The singer of hits such as Maneater, Promiscuous and Say It Right, confirmed she was married on July 19 to sound engineer Demacio Castellon. "I love it," Furtado told Entertainment Tonight Canada on Friday. "It's a nice phase of my life." Furtado shot to fame in 2000 with her debut album Whoa, Nelly!, which included the hit single I'm Like a Bird. The newlyweds worked together on Furtado's 2006 album Loose and were engaged last year. The 29-year-old performer was recently spotted with a new diamond ring while in Miami, sparking rumours of secret nuptials. "I just feel kind of free and relaxed and more in tune with trying not to be so stressed out," she said. "I'm happy … I'm excited about the future." The singer has one child, four-year-old daughter Nevis from a previous relationship with DJ and producer Jasper (Lil' Jaz) Gahunia. The couple split in 2005.

    Gay men have significantly lower personal incomes than straight men: A new study in the Canadian Journal of Economics provides the first evidence on sexual orientation and economic outcomes in Canada. The study found that gay men have 12 percent lower personal incomes and lesbians have 15 percent higher personal incomes than heterosexual men and women. Christopher S. Carpenter of The Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California Irvine used data from the Canadian Community Health Survey which includes standard demographic questions as well as self-reports on sexual orientation. Like previous patterns found in the U.S. and the U.K., results show that gay men have significantly lower personal incomes than similarly situated straight individuals, while lesbians have significantly higher personal incomes than straight women. Also, similar to gay and straight differences in the U.S., gay men and lesbians in Canada are more likely to live in urban areas and more highly educated than heterosexuals in Canada.

    UK doctor suspended for sending gay hate letter:
    The President of the Islamic Medical Association has been suspended from medical practice for 12 months by the General Medical Council. Dr Siddiq denied that he authored the letter and claimed his son was playing a "cynical spoof" on him by forcing him to sign the letter and sending it to Pulse, a magazine for GPs. A fitness to practise hearing ruled against Dr Muhammad Siddiq in his absence. Andrew Popat, chair of the hearing, called the GP's actions "liable to undermine public confidence in the medical profession and liable to bring the profession into disrepute. The panel continues to have concerns regarding Dr Siddiq's insight into his actions." A journalist on the magazine in which the letter was published, Pulse, had told the hearing that in conversation Dr Siddiq had confirmed many of the views expressed in the letter. Anthony Lithgow testified that the GP thought homosexuality should be illegal, gender reassignment surgery is a waste of money and gays "prey on society."

    Honey of a deal: Original Winnie the Pooh sketch expected to sell for thousands at UK auction:
    An original sketch of favourite AA Milne character Winnie the Pooh, featuring Tigger and Piglet, is expected to fetch £20,000 at auction. The pencil drawing of the bear dipping a paw in a honey pot is being sold at Bonhams auction rooms in London by the family of the artist, EH Shepard. A specialist at Bonhams said it will appeal to five generations of readers.