Monday, August 24, 2009

Vancouver gay man assaulted and robbed

A gay Vancouver man was assaulted and robbed Sunday after he agreed to meet up with another man. The two met on a social networking site. According to the police, the 52-year old victim was tied to a chair, punched and robbed of his wallet and car keys in his home. Fortunately, the victim's neighbour heard his shouts for help and was able to call police. Too often, the victims are usually very embarrassed and these types of crimes go unreported. Police urge people to be very careful when meeting up with individuals from any kind of social networking site or phone chat line, and recommend to always meet in a public place first.

The police were able to recover the victim's car and they have charged a 29-year old man with unlawful confinement, robbery, and possession of stolen property, reports CBC.