Monday, August 24, 2009

News and Pop Culture Round-Up

Written by Shane Smith , Editor of Stonewall Gazette

My motto has always been to keep the bias and bitchiness on this blog to a minimum. However, sometimes I can't help but be moved to frustration, disbelief or laughter by the many news items that I post. 

Here's my queer two cents...

It's bad enough that some men can't read maps, or bother to ask for directions (you know who you are), and now this? A new scientific study says that yes, it's true, humans really can't walk in a straight line without some kind of reference point. Just so I'm clear on this, when they say straight line, are they just talking about straight men? And if god really is a woman, she must be having a hell of a good laugh over this one.

Speaking of god, praise the lord, last week the U. S. Lutheran Church saw the light and is going to allow sexually active gay and lesbian members to become Church clergy. Hallelujah! This could be good news for Cambridge, Massachusetts mayor, Denise Simmons (pictured), the first ever African-American lesbian mayor in the United States, by the way, if she wants a queer Lutheran Church clergy-person to officiate at her upcoming wedding to partner, Mattie B. Hayes. Okay, so she might be an Episcopalian, nevertheless, the point is she now could if she wanted to. It's amazing to see gay history happening right before our eyes.

Twenty-four year old Xtube performer, Jammy Reyes (pictured), is being targeted for deportation by the Canadian government. If only all 'undesirables' in Canada were born in foreign countries like Jammy, then our ultra-conservative, supported by the evangelical Christian-right, federal government could solve the problems of child abuse, drug addiction, homelessness and abject poverty in this country, simply by deporting them. Such a waste of our tax dollars, going after this kid!

Here's a thought (or two or three) for you, Parents Television Council, and your recent complaint about the 'gay' episode of Mad Men: maybe you shouldn't let your children watch adult-themed shows like AMC's Mad Men? Then again, if your 'children' are 14-years of age or older, maybe you could give them a little responsibility to make up their own minds about whether they want to watch Mad Men or not. Hey, they might not even be into the show.

Here's another thing, do you know what movies your children are going to, unaccompanied by an adult? Do you monitor their internet activity? Like I said, just a thought, or two or...

Rather than wasting time trying to get publicity for your dubious 'cause', PTC people, why don't you mosey on over to the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) web site and learn all about the genuinely good work this organization does to help foster better relations between gay kids and straight kids; why not try to open yourselves up and be supportive, like these folks?

Michigan gay teen, 15-year old Steven Harmon (pictured), was the 'alleged' victim of a gay-bashing in his home town of Portage, Michigan. Unfortunately for Steven, his perpetrators aren't going to be charged with a hate crime, so I say "Shame On You, State of Michigan!", for having completely useless hate crime legislation that doesn't protect your citizens on the basis of their sexual orientation. If you're an eligible gay voter in Michigan, you should head for your state legislator's door, mail box, phone or email, and demand equal rights and equal protection NOW, because that was somebody's gay kid who got beat up, god damn it!

So if Detroit, Michigan-based General Motors can build a car that can (purportedly) go 230 miles on a single gallon of gasoline, tell me why Michigan state lawmakers can't go the extra mile to revise their hate crime legislation to include crimes based on sexual orientation?

You know what makes me happy? Singer/songwriter Jason Mraz's newfound and wholly deserved success. I'm a big fan of Mr. A to Z, not the least because he's been a vocal supporter for the gay community. Mraz said:

To me it’s not an issue of gay or straight; it’s just a coincidence that the people I hang out with happened to be … gay folk. And I, as a writer, have always written from a feminine side. I take yoga, and I practice my spirituality, to balance my heaven and earth, to balance my masculine and my feminine, you know? And I think what I find hanging out in the gay community, there’s more of a balance in the masculine and feminine qualities in the lifestyle than in a typical straight relationship or just in a straight person.

And the only other thing that makes me happier, is listening to Jason's music (while picturing him in his underwear).

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