Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gay Canadians Have Yet To Receive Full Legal Equality

"The Commonwealth Games drew attention to human rights violations against LGBT people in many member nations, but it may surprise you to know that Canada, known for having taken steps forward for LGBT equality, still discriminates against its gay citizens. In Canada, the federal age of consent is 16, for anal intercourse outside of marriage, the age of consent is 18. Canada also criminalises anal intercourse if more than two people are present, unlike other forms of sexual activity where no such restriction applies. The law affects couples both straight and gay, however indirectly discriminates against same-sex couples, as a gay male couple cannot have vaginal sex," reports PinkNews.

Jonathan Cooper, Chief Executive of the Human Dignity Trust, a legal organisation which fights for fundamental human rights around the world, told PinkNews: “It’s extraordinary that a country so committed in principle to equality still maintains on its statute books an unequal age of consent – a law that criminalises gay men." Read More