Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Watch: Award-winning Film, "GAYDAR"

Last month, I posted about the Gaydar Gun and how it was originally just a prop for the gay short film, GAYDAR . The movie is available to view for free so I thought I would share it. Terry Ray plays the lead character and he's supported by a great cast that includes: Bryan Dattilo ("Days of Our Lives" hunk), Jim J. Bullock, Jennifer Echols, Thom Cagle, Robert Casey and the late great, Charles Nelson Reilly as Uncle Vincent.

"Randy (Terry Ray) has a huge crush on hunky co-worker Jack (Bryan Dattilo) and Randy is not alone. Everyone at the office seems to be infatuated with Jack, especially Randy's gal pal Frankalina (Jennifer Echols), but no one can quite figure out if Jack is straight or gay. At an impromptu yard sale by a scorned lover (Jim J. Bullock) Randy discovers a GAYDAR gun -- which could change everything."

This award winning short film was directed by Larry LaFond and co-written by LaFond and Terry Ray.

Via Youtube Channel: Terry Ray Watch Video

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