Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day? Bah! Humbug!


Valentine’s Day Isn’t Necessarily Celebratory 
Valentine’s Day approached this year much like a swimsuit season that came too early. In a mad dash to fix the issue, I started baring my soul to new strangers on Scruff and also to old crushes. On the latter: a twisted advantage the pandemic is a sudden contraction of available lovers due to our collective fear of getting sick and an exodus of certain eligible bachelors out of San Francisco. Suddenly the gay community — usually flush with an abundance of option — has old flames and unrequited crushes wondering what I’m up to. But COVID, the persistent third wheel for any current romance, calls up memories of pre-Truvada days of dating. Now men are asking again when my last encounter was, how well do I quarantine, what’s my living situation, when was I last tested? More.

An Anti-Capitalist Guide To Valentine’s Day
Once Christmas passes, you begin to notice an increasing amount of pink and red merchandise filling the aisles at retailers and online businesses. In other words, Valentine’s Day has arrived. Although it’s tough to entirely avoid a traditional holiday, the world could potentially be better off without it. A recent study was done on the environmental impact of Valentine’s Day roses, and it’s recommended to purchase flowers from a local florist. More.
It’s Valentine’s Day again and I’m guessing you’re tired of listening to the same cis-het people talk about love, right? Take a look at these 10 queer artists expressing love for themselves and their queerness through their music. More.

"Bluegrass Pride" Presents Virtual Valentine's Sing Along

Bluegrass Pride, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ folks in American roots music, invites the public to join them for a special Valentine’s Day edition of their monthly livestream series, Live With Bluegrass Pride. On Sunday, February 14, 2021. Viewers will be able to watch via BGP’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website. More.

Bluegrass Pride benefits featured artists as well as supporting the ongoing work of Bluegrass Pride! The virtual event is free to attend, but there is a suggested $25 donation. DONATE HERE.

Six LGBTQ Couples Share Their Love Stories
They share what it means — and what it takes — to thrive together, even when external forces wreak havoc on our internal lives. More.

PODCAST An Older Gay Guy Show: Valentine Edition with host, Joey Hernandez
This year's annual Valentine's Episode provides a quartet of stories of Valentine's Days past. Travel around the globe and hear of good and bad celebrations.

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