Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sex in Art, Living a Double Life, Capturing Intimacy in Photos & MORE!

Montreal’s Afro LGBTQ Film Festival Entirely Digital
MASSIMADI, Montreal’s Afro LGBTQ+ film festival, is going entirely digital for its 13th edition, offering its full programming slate on-line for free to viewers across Canada from February 12 – March 12, 2021. Via the festival’s new online platform, viewers can check out an international selection of 7 features, 23 short films, and a Web series, broken down by themes including Africa in Love, Exquisite Tenderness, Dream of the Stage, Quest for Elsewhere, Activist Rhythm, Wellbeing and Thriving, Queerness Today, and More.

Photo Stories Capturing Intimacy and Desire

Sunil Gupta’s defiant portraits of gay love were taken in 1980s London during the height of the AIDS crisis. It was a tragic period for the LGBTQ+ community, made worse by vicious press coverage and an unsympathetic state. “The press reaction to Aids was really horrific at first,” recalls the photographer. “There were all these front-page stories about the ‘gay plague’.” Gupta’s Lovers series countered this stigma by focusing only on positivity, spotlighting gay couples who were simply, and proudly, in love. More.

I Feel More Like A Man While Wearing a Dress Than I Ever Did In A Suit

Sebastiaan Vermeulen

Come summer 2019, I had gathered confidence wearing my own queer shirts but I hadn’t made any pants-less outfits yet. Then we were invited to a wedding where the dress code was "creative black tie." Now I don’t like the way I look in a suit, and I was dreading wearing a three-piece in 95 degrees. Knowing the bride, I was half expecting some of the guests to show up in a kilt anyway (one did), so I finally decided to take a leap and make myself a sleeveless dress. I was so nervous when we got to the church, but I left my suit at home on purpose so the only way was forward. More.

The Challenge of Portraying Sex in Art Today

Artist Christopher Hartmann 2020 Untitled

Sex is one of the oldest subjects in the history of art, but never has it looked the way it does in 2021. For centuries, queer artists and women artists have been using shock tactics when it comes to sex. For artists working today, building upon the ideas of their predecessors, sex has become a rich, complex subject. It’s often a means through which to interrogate the way we look at and treat bodies, particularly those that have been subjugated and othered by the male gaze. Portraying sex is ultimately about freedom—something that has become even more relevant given the pandemic and social upheaval of the past year. More.

They Lived A 'Double Life' For Decades

Ray Cunningham, 82, and Richard Prescott, 78.

Now, these gay elders are telling their stories. More.

WATCH: Not Another Second
Despite facing incredible challenges throughout the years, LGBT+ seniors have never given up on hope and love. Their stories, along with a stunning series of portraits by German photographer @thormaehlen_photography, will be on display in the Not Another Second exhibit opening January 19, 2021 at The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights. Visit to book your ticket and learn more about the LGBT+ seniors featured. A project by SAGE USA and Watermark Retirement Communities.

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