Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jessica Lange's Advocate interview

Jessica Lange talks gays, marriage, Big Edie, and parading around with Drew Barrymore like a happy lesbian couple while promoting Grey Gardens. Below is an excerpt of Jessica Lange's Advocate interview:

Advocate: You have had a gay following your entire career. I am curious if you were aware of that?

Jessica Lange: I think I have always known. It's great. I am honored actually and I find it a great compliment.

Advocate: I think it is because you play these extremely passionate women -- I wouldn't say “divas,” but very, very strong female characters. I can't think of any of your characters who weren't.

Jessica Lange: I think you are attracted to what is going to challenge you and what's going to keep you interested. There are certain characters that are so normal or so thin or so regular that they don't interest me. It would be a waste of my time as an actor.

Advocate: Were you ever close to playing a gay role.

Jessica Lange: No, there is nothing that has ever come up that was offered me. Normal was the closest thing, and that was about being transgender. But, hmm. Well I know I've never turned [a gay role] down, so I assume I have never been offered anything.

Advocate: Well we've got to find one.

Jessica Lange: Yes, find one for me.

Advocate: You once said, “I used to have a lot of political ideas about marriage that don't matter to me anymore.” And I am curious, as you and your partner, Sam Shepard, have never been married, what you meant by that and what you think of the current political debate over gay marriage?

Jessica Lange: Hmm. I can't remember what that was in response to.

Advocate: I read it on a blog that someone has about you.

Jessica Lange: Really?

Advocate: Yes, JessicaLange.Blogspot.com, which I of course thought was you and then quickly realized it was some fan who had pulled a lot of quotes from articles about you.

Jessica Lange: Good lord. Is that legal?

Advocate: I don't know. You might look into it.

Jessica Lange: Yes. Well I think they are referring to the fact that I have never been a great believer in marriage. I was married once when I was very young. I have been with Sam for over 25 years now and the institution of marriage doesn't mean that much to me. I never felt that some legal document was going to make my relationship more meaningful or more valid. I have raised three children with him and have never felt compelled to get married. In fact I decided not to marry. But I think it is really such a personal choice, and if we are talking about gay marriage, if it is meaningful to somebody then they should be allowed to do it. Period.

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