Monday, August 10, 2009

Tim Hortons supports antigay marriage group!

Tim Hortons is supporting the odious American antigay marriage group called, National Organization for Marriage. Shame on you!

"Tim Hortons? Yes, Tim Hortons. The Dunkin Donuts of Canada. You know, Canada — where same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005 (and since 2003 in Tim’s home, Ontario)," reports Providence Daily Dose. "What in the world are they doing sponsoring something like this? Their site says that they support local initiatives that make a difference — such as little leagues, Halloween safety, and the like. And that they sponsor community initiatives with a focus on helping children and supporting fundraising events for non-profit organizations and registered charities. But not those representing religious groups [or] political affiliates, such as.. well, how would you characterize a group like NOM? READ MORE