Friday, May 07, 2010

Would You Text During Sex?

Would you answer a text during sex? If you're younger than 25, one in 10 of you would. How about during a meeting? While you're eating? Or even when you're on the toilet? Some 22%, 49%, and 24%, respectively, of online under-25-year-olds agreed they could be interrupted by an electronic message while doing any of those things.

The Advertising Age has more:
"Social media is embedded in our lives. It's why people go to a restaurant and check Foursquare before they sit down with their friends, then take a picture of their food before they eat and upload it to Facebook," said Manish Rathi, co-founder and VP-marketing at Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping and review site. "We've started asking these questions because we wanted to know how social media is contributing to gadget buying and usage."

The older 25-plus age group was only half as tolerant to electronic interruptions -- 6% could be bothered during sex; 17% during a meeting; 27% during a meal; and 12% in the bathroom. But that's still a lot of people of all ages engaging in social media anywhere and anytime. READ MORE

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