Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hudson Taylor Wrestles For Gay Rights

"Hudson Taylor – one of the top 197-pound college wrestlers in the country – chastises his University of Maryland teammates whenever they use anti-gay language. This season – as a senior – Taylor put the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) logo on his headgear. It was a difficult decision, and did not sit well with teammates. With regret, he removed the sticker. How gay is he? Not at all. He and his girlfriend will be married next year, when she finishes law school," writes Dan Woog. "Taylor is rarer in college sports than even openly gay athletes. He’s a strong male supporter of LGBT civil rights, someone who talks the talk, walks the walk, and does it in a sport so misunderstood that wrestlers often feel compelled to flaunt their own masculinity – by putting down others. Inevitably, people call Taylor a closet case. He doesn’t care. He traces his open-mindedness to his non-judgmental parents." READ MORE