Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Which gay athlete is brave enough to be the 'Jackie Robinson of his era'?

"We hear about sacrifice in sports...We hear about courage, too, usually applied to athletes rehabilitating from injuries. Hero we also hear a lot; apparently it takes only a walk-off homer or winning touchdown to qualify. Well, the bravest man in sports... He will have courage and sacrifice in him and be a Jackie Robinson of his era... He will be heroic in a way that recaptures the word from overuse. The bravest man in sports is out there somewhere, but he is hiding," writes Greg Cote. "In 2010, we still wait for the last taboo to fall, for the first prominent player in the NFL, NBA, baseball or hockey to reveal in midcareer that he is gay, done pretending. The intolerance that exists less and less elsewhere remains stubborn in sports, the last frontier, where a pervasively macho culture still foments old prejudices. Even gay advocates admit they can understand why nobody wants to be first." READ MORE