Monday, November 26, 2012

Best Of Grant Bowler Shirtless

Will Grant Bowler's career survive after the disastrous reviews of the Lifetime bio-pic, "Liz & Dick"? Probably. Grant has been a popular TV star since the 1990's, when he played Constable Wayne Patterson in the Australian TV show, Blue Healers. The sexy and charismatic theatre trained actor will no doubt move on to bigger and better projects, a tribute to his in-demand status within international TV circles. Whatever he tackles next, we can always count on Grant to show some skin.

In the meantime, enjoy our 'Best of' Grant Bowler shirtless below:

Grant Bowler shirtless in McLeod's Daughters

Grant Bowler nude under a towel in Outrageous Fortune

Grant Bowler shirtless in a bed scene from Outrageous Fortune

Grant Bowler shirtless in kitchen scene from Outrageous Fortune

Grant Bowler nude in True Blood
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Grant Bowler emerges from ocean in sexy scene from Ugly Betty

Grant Bowler showing his hot ass on the beach in Ugly Betty (on top of the lucky Vanessa Williams)

Grant Bowler close up of his hot ass from Ugly Betty
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