Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dignity House: An Affordable Option for Low-income LGBT Seniors in Vancouver

Seniors in the LGBTQ community are in great need for affordable housing. Alex Sangha recently spoke with The Tyee about his plan to build Dignity House. It's only at the early planning stage and Sangha points out that one of the biggest hurdles is getting support from health authorities and government.

The Tyee reports:
The facility would be the first in the city to target the aging LGBT community by addressing what he says are the specific needs of LGBT people. "It's a known fact that LGBT people have higher rates of substance abuse, depression and suicide. They are more at risk of isolation and loneliness because often times they are estranged from their families, or they haven't had kids." Sangha knows Dignity House is still a long way from becoming a reality. Two years is very little in the world of planning, he said. Up until now Sangha and his team had been conducting needs assessment and feasibility studies. READ MORE

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