Sunday, August 07, 2016

And The Winner of Mr Gay Europe 2016 is...

Written by Shane, Editor of Stonewall Gazette

The Mr Gay Europe 2016 competition wrapped up on the evening of Friday, August 5, 2016 in Oppdal, Norway, with the announcement that Mr Gay Belgium, 21-year old Raf Van Puymbroeck (pictured above), was the winner of Mr Gay Europe 2016.

Van Puymbroeck said he wanted to participate in Mr Gay Europe because, "I want to mean something in this world. While I was a finalist in Mr Gay Belgium, I started a project for sport clubs. Together with the city councils sports department in Vosselaar, my hometown, a charter/engagement was written that could be endorsed by supporting sports clubs. By doing that they send a message to their members that everyone is welcome and they would respond to unwanted verbal assaults. Even those that seem irrelevant as you for instance often see with children that yell ‘gay’ or ‘faggot’ not realizing that they are actually swearing. There is still a lot of work for the LGBT-community in the sport world, so with Mr. Gay Europe I hope to take my project and attention for LGBT’s in all sports to a whole new level."

Watch video of the Mr Gay Europe 2016 Awards Ceremony, below.

Joni Valadares (L) and Danni Arndt Sigen (R)
Mr Gay Europe 2016 1st runner-up was Joni Valadares (Mr Gay England 2016); 2nd runner-up was Danni Arndt Sigen (Mr Gay Denmark 2016)

It was an emotional and challenging week for the contestants as they vied for this year's title in the picturesque Norwegian locale. Gay men from 10 countries across Europe participated in a series of events, including organizing a fashion show, a sports competition and more.

The men in this year's Mr Gay Europe 2016 were:
  • Raf Van Puymbroeck, age 21, Mr Gay Belgium 2016
  • Dimitar Dimitrov, age 33, Mr Gay Bulgaria 2016
  • Ladislav Agh, age 28, Mr Gay Czech Republic 2016
  • Danni Arndt Sigen, age 29, Mr Gay Denmark 2016
  • Joni Valadares, age 28, Mr Gay England 2016
  • Konrad Im, age 27, Mr Gay Ireland
  • Andrzej Berg, age 27, Mr Gay Poland 2016
  • Marek Gajdos, age 25, Mr Gay Slovak Republic
  • Sergio Diaz Rullo Brasero, age 26, Mr Gay Spain 2016
  • Paul Davies, age 32, Mr Gay Wales 2016
Paul Davies, Mr Gay Wales 2016, accepts his Mr Congeniality Award
at this year's Mr Gay Europe competition
The Mr Gay Europe 2016 Individual Award Winners:

Written Test: Dimitar Dimitrov, Mr Gay Bulgaria 2016
Sports Challenge Award: Joni Valadares, Mr Gay England 2016
Social Media Award: Paul Davies, Mr Gay Wales 2016
Video Presentation: Raf Van Puymbroeck, Mr Gay Belgium 2016
Photogenic Challenge: Sergio Diaz Rullo Brasero, Mr Gay Spain 2016
Online Vote Award: Andrzej Berg, Mr Gay Poland 2016
Mr Congeniality Award: Paul Davies, Mr Gay Wales 2016

Congratulations to Raf Van Puymbroeck, Mr Gay Europe 2016, and to all the men for their efforts in the competition this year. Best success to all for the work you are continuing to do in your respective LGBTI communities.

Mr Gay Europe celebrates the pride, diversity and rights of the European Gay Male. You can learn more about the organization here. You can follow Mr Gay Europe on their social media sites: TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

Watch Video: Mr Gay Europe 2016 Awards Ceremony