Friday, August 05, 2016

The Gilded Gutter Life of Francis Bacon

Andrew Holleran reviews "Francis Bacon in Your Blood" by Michael Peppiatt. 
"One of the things we learn from critic Michael Peppiatt’s memoir of his decades-long friendship with the British painter Francis Bacon is that the way Bacon met his lover George Dyer in the 1998 film Love Is the Devil is not how it happened in real life. In the movie, they meet when Dyer (played by Daniel Craig) comes crashing through the skylight of Bacon’s (Derek Jacobi) studio during a robbery attempt," writes Andrew Holleran. "In fact, Bacon tells Peppiatt in Francis Bacon in Your Blood, Dyer simply saw the painter and his pals in a club in London and introduced himself, because they seemed to be having a good time." READ MORE