Sunday, February 26, 2017

Country Singer Ty Herndon Talks New Album, Having Kids & Being Out of the Closet

Written by Kristin Hall

Two years after coming out publicly as a gay man, country singer Ty Herndon is revealing much more about his lifelong struggle for acceptance in a new album that he hopes everyone can relate to. "House on Fire," features love songs that are gender neutral, a moving title track about feeling shamed inside the church and hopeful anthems for love. "I wanted music that would go out into the world and that anyone from any walk of life could hear their story in my music," Herndon said in a recent interview. "Because I have a lot of die-hard country fans who have been with me a long time and are still right there. And I have a legion of brand new fans, within the young country listeners, within the LGBT community."

In 2014, the Grammy-nominated Herndon announced he was gay and almost immediately afterward, platinum-selling singer Billy Gillman was inspired to publicly announce he was gay as well, making them among the few openly gay male country singers. Herndon credited country singer Chely Wright, who came out in 2010, as paving the way for him and many others. Days after making the announcement, he was got a standing ovation from the crowd at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Herndon has used his celebrity to bring focus to the needs of LGBT youth and has been volunteering with the Trevor Project, which is an anti-suicide hotline for LGBT youth. Proceeds from the download of his new song, "Fighter," will be donated to the Trevor Project [watch the music video below]. The work he does mentoring children has sparked an interest in expanding his family with his longtime partner Matt Collum. "It's so funny, 'cause I am 54 years old and just now getting the baby bug," Herndon said. "I've always wanted kids. But there are so many of my friends right now that are having babies right now, straight, gay or whatever. It's like we're the baby boomers booming."

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WATCH VIDEO: Ty Herndon - Fight