Monday, November 27, 2017

Queer Cinema 2017: Here Are Eight LGBT Filmmakers Who Are Having a Great Year

Written by Jude Dry

Actors Zachary Booth and Alan Cumming in the film “After Louie,” by director Vincent Gagliostro

As we gear up for an awards season ripe with many quality queer films, it’s important to remember smaller successes who may get lost in the shuffle. It’s always thrilling to see a gay film get awards attention, like the kind lavished on Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name” and foreign language contender “BPM (Beats Per Minute).” But it’s been a banner year for nuanced queer films across the board, and especially ones from queer-identified filmmakers. From up-and-comers making splashy debuts, to longtime favorites who have stepped up their game, the filmmakers on this list represent a varied swath of not only the LGBT spectrum, but vastly different artistic styles. That means they have the potential to reach different audiences — and open up perspectives across demographics.

Here are eight LGBT filmmakers who are having a great year.

1. Francis Lee, “God’s Own Country”
2. Anthony and Alex, “Susanne Bartsch: On Top”
3. Angela Robinson, “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”
4. Stephen Cone, “Princess Cyd”
5. Matt Tyrnauer, “Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood”
6. Vincent Gagliostro, “After Louie”
7. Travis Mathews, “Discreet”

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