Friday, February 26, 2021

The Psychology of Our Political Crisis

Matthew Cooke

Is our world a crazy train heading to nowhere fast? No. But it can sure feel that way, can't it? I think the key word "feel" is what trips us up. Feelings are not facts and they sure as hell are not truths. 

If we all work on our critical thinking skills I think we can get out of this mess. Knowing our values and fighting for them at the ballot box is one of the best ways to make ourselves heard. In Matthew Cooke's latest video essay he really hits the hammer on the nail by explaining how to "move the needle in the right direction."

We are in a culture war, but we often fail to understand it. If we fearlessly dig into what it is - and don't underestimate ourselves, we will win. We have reality on our side. That's a pretty strong advantage. And when we win, everyone wins."
Matthew Cooke is the Oscar-nominated producer and editor of the documentary, Deliver Us From Evil.

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