Friday, February 26, 2021

Ensuring Elections Are Fair

What does it mean to be an activist? To me it's standing up for your community and being informed on issues that affect you. I encourage my less politically active friends to speak up whenever they can and come join me at a protest rally. Another good way to help your community is by donating money to causes that align with yours. Last, but not least, vote in every single election. One organization that does good work in helping citizens to get out and vote is the Fair Elections Center. 

What is the Fair Elections Center?
  • Fair Elections Center advocates, delivers nonpartisan creative solutions to the complex web of barriers that have been erected over time to prevent segments of our citizens from reaching their full American potential.
  • Fair Elections Center works alongside other national and state groups to make the processes of voter registration, voting, and election administration as accessible as possible for every American, with a special focus on student and underrepresented voters.
  • Fair Elections Center engages in a wide variety of advocacy efforts, including producing reports, talking points and fact sheets, providing state voter guides, providing testimony to legislatures, conducting trainings and seminars for organizations and their supporters, litigating voting rights cases in state and federal court, and working directly with local election officials and Secretaries of State to ensure that the right to vote is protected and expanded.
  • Fair Elections Center provides election law expertise to state-based civic engagement coalitions and direct help to organizations representing various constituencies that need help accessing the ballot as they plan their programs, encounter problems or need help engaging elections officials.
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