Saturday, March 27, 2021

Teen Gay Bashed, Nico Santos, Lindsey Farrell, Bishop Black, Antoni Porowski, Whistleblower, All Day Trey & MORE!


Gay High School Student Beaten in Hallway 
Video of the incident taken by a bystander shows a student attacking 15-year-old Kayden Certer in a hallway, slamming his head into a locker, and then beating him with his fists. Witnesses say the student was attacked for being gay. 

WATCH: Disturbing video

FIFA Threatens Sanctions for Mexico After Anti-Gay Chant Reemerges. FIFA has officially opened an investigation after anti-gay chants were audible during the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying match between Mexico and the Dominican Republic on March 18, 2021.

2 Men and 1 Teen Found Guilty for Killing of Gay Man 'Because they Wanted to'. A case where three men, and one 15 year old teen beat a gay man to death with bricks in 2019 reached a resolution, after they were found guilty following a two year legal battle in the U.K. Jerry Appicella, a 51-year-old small business owner, was attacked by the group of men while on the way home from his store in December, 2019.

Texas School District Removes LGBTQ Books from Reading Lists

Sharon Osbourne Has Parted Ways with CBS Talk Show “The Talk”

All Day Trey

Pansexual Hip-Hop Artist All Day Trey is Here to Stay with His ‘Sunshine Rap’

Whistleblower Who Recently Revealed the Shocking Sexcapades of Australian Politicians Has Come Out as Gay

Australia: Conservative Political Forces in Disarray Following Recent Allegations of Rape and Sexual Impropriety

Larry McMurtry, Oscar Winner for ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and Author of ‘Lonesome Dove,’ Dies at 84

In the first Episode of Amazon Prime Video's Invincible, a Key Character Reveals He's Queer. Going through Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker's original Invincible series can, almost two decades later, be awkward at times. A lot of the language characters use is very much of its time, with teenagers talking in ways that can come off as homophobic. However, Amazon Prime Video's adaptation makes some changes to the source material that fix a lot of those problems.

Oklahoma Teacher Allegedly Calls Transgender and Gay "Lifestyles" Sinful 

QAnon and the Assault on Planned Parenthood. How conspiracy theories that dovetail with the “pro-life” agenda keep getting more violent.

Out Actor Nico Santos Remembers How He Got NBC to Rewrite His ‘Superstore’ Character. Santos shares, "... to be able to play a character that was so close to my experience and so close to who I am, that just doesn’t happen very often. And I sort of really relished in the fact that I could draw from my own experience, but still be able to put out a very different [form] of what a queer, Fillipino person could and would be.”

A New Kind of Gay Porn: Hardcore Sex With a Message
A new adult film from Kayden Gray, Bishop Black, and Bianca Del Rio seamlessly incorporates sex-positive messaging about U=U. Porn dialogue and storylines aren’t usually memorable, but Undetectable Equals Fucking Untransmittable isn’t your average hard-core film. Written, starring, and conceived by British adult star Kayden Gray, UEFU is a hybrid public service announcement and gay romantic dramedy that just happens to feature full-on gay sex.

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Has the Most Bizarre Thing in His Bathroom

The Future of Trans Wellness is in Telemedicine

Lil Nas X’s Sexed-Up ‘Montero’ Video Has Changed Everything for Queer Music Artists

Lindsey Farrell: Embracing My True Self. "Sports were the only time I felt like I could be my true self and tune out the rest of the world. It was half my identity, the other half being a lesbian within sports. Coming into McDaniel College in Maryland as a freshman playing soccer and lacrosse, I was still closeted but specifically choose not to come out in high school because of the fear of bullying."

What’s a Gay Bar Anyway: Who Loses When Queer Spaces Shutter?

In the Past Decade, 60 per cent of London’s LGBTQ Spaces Have Closed Down

Julius' Bar, Site of Historic Gay 'Sip-in,' Threatened by the Downward Economics of the Pandemic - Needs Our Help. 
The idea for a protest, or a “sip-in” as it was eventually called, was inspired by the sit-ins of the civil rights movement: On April 21, 1966, four members of the New York Mattachine chapter walked into a bar, declared they were homosexuals and demanded to be served. Assuming they would be refused, the group planned to file a complaint with the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Hate Group Calls Out Pantene Shampoo For Touching Ad

Top 10 Favorite Sexy Instagram Posts This Week - Biceps, Beaches, Balls & More!

Racial Health Disparities Didn’t Start with COVID 19: The Overlooked History of Polio



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