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Trump & The Big Lie, #RIPCharlieBrydon, Rating Social Media, TJ Osborne, Gay Asylum Seekers, CIA Seducers, Drew Barrymore, Gaybaiting, & MORE!

Trump CPAC 2021

Trump Just Made It Clear: He’s Not Going Anywhere and Neither Is the Big Lie Clearly enjoying his return to the public sphere and basking in the attention of cheering supporters, the former president returned to his usual laundry list of grievances and causes, especially immigration. He maligned immigrants and touted his own record on the southern border—a record that includes separating children from their parents, making it harder for people seeking asylum, and ramping up every aspect the system’s cruelty to immigrants.

Rating Social Media Platforms

New Initiative Will Rate Social Media Platforms Based On How Safe They Are For LGBTQ Users A new initiative by the LGBTQ2S+ advocacy organization, GLAAD, plans to rate social media platforms based on how well they protect people from abuse. The organization announced Friday that it will release an index with the ratings, along with recommendations for policy changes and product updates to better address misinformation, hate speech, privacy, and other issues that queer people uniquely face.

Gay Ugandan Asylum Seekers 'In Danger If Sent Home' 
Same-sex liaisons are illegal in Uganda. People convicted of homosexual acts can be sent to jail for the rest of their lives. Because Godfrey is both gay and Ugandan, he says he was expelled from school, rejected by his family and sacked from his job. Because Yudaya is both gay and Ugandan, she says she cannot contact her family and is being sought by police. Because Rodney is both gay and Ugandan, he says he was forced to live on the streets and used to carry poison in his pocket in case he needed to kill himself before getting arrested again. Rodney, Godfrey and Yudaya are now in the UK and have applied for asylum. None has succeeded. These are their stories.

Lauren Boebert

At CPAC, Gun-Toting Rep. Lauren Boebert Rails Against Metal Detectors and Nancy Pelosi Boebert joined her comrades from the so-called Stop the Steal rallies Saturday for a panel on the Second Amendment at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida. The American Conservative Union-endorsed congresswoman used the elevated stage as an opportunity to promote her gun-toting image and rail against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Former CIA Agent

Former CIA Agent Explains How He Made Targets Fall For Him You will have to find women, you will have to find men, you will have to find homosexual men, you will have to find transgender people "We never want to try and build a personal, romantic relationship, but the level of trust that you build with a target enamors them to you, because you're the only other person in the world that knows what they're going through, because that's the kind of relationship you want."

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Gets Candid About Her Year and a Half Inside a "Psychiatric Ward" at 13  
"I asked myself like why is this happening. And I thought, maybe you need the craziest form of structure because everything was so accessible available and screwed up in your world that maybe it's going to take something like this for you to kickstart the rest of your life," she explained. "And that didn't come for probably about six to eight months. The first six to eight months I was just so angry. I couldn't see straight."

Charlie Brydon

Charlie Brydon, Pioneering Seattle LGBTQ Activist and Entrepreneur, Dies at 81 Brydon established the Dorian Group in the mid-1970s. The organization brought together gay professionals in public luncheons. The idea for participants was to share experiences and ideas about how to make Seattle a more friendly place for those who are LGBTQ. At the time, inviting LGBTQ Seattleites out of the closet was a novel step toward equality.

Matthew Hyndman

Missionary Accidentally Outed Himself. Now He’s Fighting Gay ‘Cures’
Six years ago, while doing missionary work for a Northern Ireland church, filmmaker Matthew Hyndman, above, was deeply conflicted over his sexual orientation. For as long as he could remember, homosexuality would lead to ‘eternal damnation.’ Over a period of three months he had deeply personal online conversations about his homosexuality with someone he never met. Then he accidentally attached WhatsApp exchanges with his confidant to an email sent out to 100 members of his congregation.

LGBTQ Elders Get Specific Inclusion In Passage of ‘Equality Act’ The director of advocacy for SAGE, a national advocacy and support organization for older members of the LGBTQ community, talks about the recent reintroduction and passage of the Equality Act in the U.S. House of Representatives, and how this legislation impacts LGBTQ elders.

Out country singer TJ Osborne

Country Star TJ Osborne Says Response to Him Coming Out as Gay 'Has Been a Tsunami of Love' "Honestly, for straight people out there, coming out is really awkward. It's an awkward thing to talk about..It's a really odd thing to bring up. I work in the entertainment business so I like lots of attention, but I don't like that kind." Osborne added, "That type of attention is just uncomfortable. To be able to do that in that moment, to do it in one full swoop, it was nice … For me, it was that moment of just taking a leap of faith."

Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans

Why Is Gaybaiting So Frustrating To Watch? This TV trope has been deployed by creators in entertainment to tease the development of a queer relationship between two characters without ever actually confirming it Gaybaiting has been used for decades to attract the support of LGBT audiences and increase viewer ratings. Perhaps, once upon a time, it could have been argued that queerbaiting was a more subtle demonstration of progressive inclusivity on our screens. For example, the Ryan Evans character (played by actor Lucas Grabeel) in the High School Musical films, a character retrospectively confirmed as gay by director Kenny Ortega, who suspected explicit homosexuality may have been “too far” for a family-friendly Disney film when they premiered in the 2000s), but nowadays it’s an outdated and cheap tactic to attract more viewers.

Study Offers Help for LGBTQ Seniors or Caregivers Dealing with Alzheimers, Dementia The Aging with Pride:IDEA (Innovations in Dementia Empowerment and Act) Study at the University of Washington is offering a free program for individuals with memory loss and their care partners. Either the person with memory loss or their care partner must be LGBTQ to participate.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney

George Clooney and Julia Roberts To Reunite For Romantic Comedy 'Ticket to Paradise' Clooney and Roberts will play a divorced couple that travel to Bali to stop their daughter from repeating an error they made 25 years earlier. The duo earlier starred together in Jodie Foster's Money Monster and in the Ocean's Eleven movie franchise. Ticket to Paradise will be directed by Ol Parker, who helmed Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

George M. Johnson

George M. Johnson: My Story as a Black Queer Youth I spent my teen years in survival mode, constantly suppressing my full identity. When you are at the intersection of Blackness and queerness, not only are you walking around in the body society has deemed a menace, you are further stifled by having to adapt to relentless heterosexual norms you were never meant to fit in to. Every day can feel like a battle you never wanted any part of. When I wrote my memoir "All Boys Aren’t Blue," I did so with purpose. I wanted to break down my own young Black queer experience and show readers how they can fight for themselves or be advocates in the struggle for equity and equality. They are not alone and they need to know that.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears when they were dating

How Britney Spears Was Thrown Under The Bus By Justin Timberlake It’s November 2002, and Justin Timberlake is doing a radio interview with Hot 97’s Star and Buc Wild, the shock jocks who hosted the radio station’s morning show at the time. It’s a big deal for the former *NSYNCer—as a member of a boyband, he would never have scored coverage by the station, which had been an influential force in hip-hop and R&B since the early ’90s. But he had a Neptunes-produced solo album, dance moves appropriated from Michael Jackson and a new haircut that didn’t look like ramen noodles at all, so the station now saw a fit. And Timberlake saw an opportunity to set the stage for a whole new level of stardom. Even better, the price was low: just Britney Spears’ dignity. “Did you f-ck Britney Spears?” one of the DJs asks. Timberlake laughs, then says, “Okay, I did it!” Timberlake gave sad TV interviews about the demise of their relationship, painted her as a villain and a “horrible woman” and made a music video demonizing a Spears lookalike. After the approach proved successful, he continued to reference her in magazine profiles, his book and even on stage for 14 years after they broke up.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci: ‘I Would Have No Hesitancy’ Taking Johnson & Johnson Vaccine During an appearance on Meet The Press today, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked about differences between the Moderna and Pfizer coronavirus vaccines versus the newly-approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The primary difference is the J&J vaccine is a single shot vaccination where the first two you have to return for a follow-up shot 3-4 weeks later. More at The Randy Report.

Classic Erotic Gregg Homme Ad: 'Guilty Pleasure Gay Man Voyeur Fantasy'

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