Thursday, January 05, 2017

"Love is Love" - Comic Book Anthology Tribute To Orlando Pulse Victims: Review


"I cannot do this book justice by a long shot," writes the Gay Comic Geek in his review of the new anthology comic "Love Is Love" published by IDW and DC Comics. Gay Comic Geek shares: "This book had me crying from page one with the listing of all 49 people that died as a result of this shooting. The book itself has such a deeper meaning with the central theme of love being the main focus. It is a great book and I recommend everyone take the time to read through all of the stories donated to this book. The proceeds of this book will benefit the victims, survivors, and family of those that were lost. Have a box of tissue ready, it is a tearjerker." Watch the video below for the full review.

Samples of "Love Is Love" include:

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WATCH VIDEO REVIEW: "Love is Love" - Comic Book Anthology Tribute To Orlando Pulse Victims